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Dolan Preffisio – Shimano Winter Build

Dolan Preffissio Aluminium Frame, Carbon Forks build up for winter service. The owner already had a cross bike which has been used for winter service so the build consisted of stri...
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Dolan – Preffisio – Shimano 105 Winter Build

A Dolan Preffisio frame purchased by the customer on eBay matched up with full 105 10 speed groupset and SKS raceblades, the frame will take full guards with up to 25mm tyres but t...
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Lynskey Sportive Disc II

Another Lynkey Sportive frame but this one has a very different drive train. The customer wanted to have a very wide range of gears but with Shimano moving away from triples we've ...
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Lynskey Sportive

This was the first of a pair of Lynskey Sportive frames we've built for this customer, I guess he was very happy with the first one. The build is a mix of Dura-Ace 7800 and Ulte...
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Lynskey Sportive Disc

This is the second Lynskey framed bike we’ve built for this customer, the original was back in 2013 and based around the original rim brake version of the Lynskey Sportive frame. T...
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Raleigh Reynolds 501 – refurbishment

This bike had been used for 20 years on and off, touring, commuting and just riding around and the frame was starting to look tired. We stripped the bike back to its components and...
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Ambrosio – Solaro

The customer came to me with a new old stock Ambrosio frame and wanted this built up a bike for winter use but with a classic look. We supplied Campagnolo Veloce groupset with Ritc...
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Shand – Skinnymalinky – Campagnolo Athena

The customer was looking for a classic looking steel framed road bike but without compromising on performance. The mix of silver Campagnolo Athena, Ritchey finishing gear and the s...
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Cotic Soul

The customer was looking to build up a steel framed hardtail for trail centre use. The bike is a mixture of old and new parts Drivetrain - Shimano XT 10 speed Brakes - Hope M...
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